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At 90, This Chandigarh Grandma Launched Her Startup Business With ‘Besan Ki Barfi’!

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

“She first set up shop at a local organic market on her own, She sat there, interacted with the customers, and came home with Rs 2,000 which was her first ‘own’ earnings.”


JANUARY 13, 2020


Harbhajan Kaur sat with her daughter, Raveena Suri, talking about life. During their conversation, Raveena asked her mother if she had any regrets, to which the mother replied, “I had a fulfilling life, but my only regret is that I never earned any money on my own. I wish I had.”

The conversation ended there for Harbhajan, but for Raveena, it was the beginning of something. In an attempt to erase this regret felt by her mother, Raveena gently stirred her into starting an entrepreneurial venture–making yummy treats that everyone in their family had grown up on.

This is how, four years ago, Harbhajan’s came into being, with 94-year-old Harbhajan Kaur at its helm. Specializing in making besan barfi and various kinds of pickles–this Chandigarh venture, has grown from strength to strength.

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