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Full Moon in Gemini on December 12, 2019

Gemini adds the flavor with the gift of gab Mercury will bring its share of problems. On a more positive note around the full Moon, it is suitable for spirituality, healing, and finances. Gemini Moon and Venus will bring pressure. Jupiter and Saturn will not be seen in the sky, when this happens we experience loss. Saturn represents justice, protection, and the poor with its disappearance; it will hurt the poor, and they will have less protection.

Around Christmas, the Moon will enter the dark times, not suitable for some; you should check your individual charts. New Years' and later on in the month when the planets become visible it will be better for us. With Astrology, there is no such thing as an exact start date. It is not in human time but how the other planets and signs ( Neptune and Capricorn) move within each other. We only have to look back in history to see how we've evolved. The way we received information from the mail to the cell phone and the internet today. Looking back at the planets 700 years ago, we will see duplicates and signs leading us into 2020 and beyond.

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