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Full Moon in Virgo on March 18th, 2022, and the Spring/ Aries Equinox.

Many planets going direct with this powerful Aquarius energy. To have a better understanding, we must look at the opposite sign Pisces. Full moons are about water, emotions and it shines a light on the present situations in our lives which continue to unfold. The planets are working in our favor, in this age of Aquarius along with Virgo/ Pisces we have Jupiter on our side.

Many of us are talking about our dreams, be sure to write them down. Our dreams contain clues from other dimensions. Do look into where these planets fall in your personal chart. We can never be on an easy ride 100% of the time. Yin and Yang are the way things are. We must work with nature, if we don’t we will learn the hard way. In order to benefit from Aquarius gifts, we must do the work. The good news is a lot of groups, communities, and individuals are doing great work to benefit our planet.

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