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Full moon/partial Lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 18th/19th 2021

Snippets of the celestial events: This event will take place in the Taurus- Scorpio axis; it is said to be the longest one of this century. Some say more than 500 to 1000 years. This full moon is called a Blood red moon. The duration is 6 hours and 2 minutes, it is visible in some parts of the USA and other parts of the world, check your local area. Earth is a planet of duality; we have light and darkness, good and bad.

The full moon governs the emotions and brings them to the forefront. Taurus is bullheaded/ headstrong, grounded, moody, finance, and health. Scorpio is shocks, revelation, corruption, politics, and government. Scorpio teaches us boundaries. This is considered an inauspicious time in Astrology. You will hear about the massive endings; many of us are living on the edge with uncertainty. This event can change the trajectory of our lives. Scorpio/ Taurus has positive and negatives. Scorpio is secretive, sensitive, and deadly. The full moon shines the light in dark Scorpion corners.

Jupiter in Aquarius is here to save the day; we will see rebellion and revolution. Pluto is in Capricorn. Algol is an evil spirit among us. Rahu and Ketu, North and South Nodes represent past and future. Intense Uranus moves into aggressive Mars. The legend of the Pleiades, also known as The Seven Sisters associated with abuse. Unlike New moon, it is not the time to manifest or start something new. We, the people, have been under the heavy heel of power. Take this time to purge and prepare.

Once we identify and clear the dark spaces in our lives, we can move forward. Living in fear serves absolutely no purpose. It increases inflammation in our immune system. Instead, take charge of what you can control “You.” What can you as an individual do in your life? Once we can identify them, we can do something about it. We will feel this Lunar eclipse until the end of the winter season. Jupiter will be in Aquarius.

No matter what AI is being used for, human beings have the power to save the Planet. It is almost a total Lunar eclipse. 97% of the moon will be covered by the Earth’s dark shadow. Obstacles may look larger than you think. Hold off on taking action; wait a few weeks. Rise above the things that worry you. Sleep on it before making the big move. Travel will be back on the map.

Check your chart to learn how the Lunar eclipse affects your zodiac sign.

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