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Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 4th-5th 2020

This is the 3rd Eclipse within five weeks. We are breaking down the old system that will alter the course of our lives, for some of us change will be difficult and will separate us. There are the north and south nodes that point to the balance we are trying to work on for the next year and a half.

On the global scale, it means working to create a society that fosters higher values and ideals, not only through improved laws and educational institutions but the cultivation of increasingly enlightened souls.

Astrology can point us in the right direction and help us accelerate the process. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, the internet, and AI. Air is also responsible for our growing fascination with outer space and its exploration.

There are dark sides to all the signs, we have had our share of Capricorn's dark side, which is here to help us wake up. We have several planets in retrograde along with Mercury, please be kind with your words. Check your local area for the times of the Eclipse.

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