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Scientists have been modifying our foods for decades, but is there a limit to what our bodies can handle? Is it changing our DNA? The genetically-engineered "Agrobacterium tumefaciens"; is a soil bacterium that is considered to be one of the etiological agents associated with Morgellons disease. The best way to protect yourself from further insult and harm from transgenic genes, glyphosate, and other pesticides, rodenticides, or fungicides is to eliminate eating the grains that are sprayed with them. Support the cleansing of your body by eating only organically grown produce. Numbers don't lie. The stickers on your produce can tell you if your product is organic, conventional, OR EVEN GMO.

WHAT DO I LOOK FOR? Typically, produce has a THREE or FOUR number code on the sticker. An indication that the produce is conventionally grown. Conventionally grown produce is subject to herbicides, fungicides, and rodenticides and spells trouble for the health of your gut.

FIVE-DIGIT NUMBERS. You may have noticed (or not) that some of the stickers contain FIVE numbers. When you see FIVE numbers, pay close attention to the first digit. The number NINE indicates that a piece of the produce is ORGANIC. While the number EIGHT indicates a GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD.

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