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How to De-Stress with Yoga

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Every one of us experiences stress in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter if it is about overwhelming workloads, deadline pressure, or dealing with difficult people, stress is a common issue for all. Try the stress-relieving benefits of yoga to assist you with that stress throughout your days. Rather than holding onto your pressure and stress in life, look for ways to free it. Release it from your mind. Yoga can help you do just that.

You can de-stress with yoga by bringing awareness to your body.

When you are aware of your body, you can manipulate how you respond to stress. It’s a beautiful skill that is easily acquired if you have an open mind. When you practice yoga, you bring your concentration inside your body. You pay attention to your breathing and you concentrate on the physicality of your body.

You feel your groups of muscles as they are stretched, looking for weaknesses as well as looking for strengths you may not have known you had.

The easy and simple act of focusing helps relieve strain and pressure.

The practice of connecting to your whole body allows you to breathe out negative emotions such as frustration, anger, and stress. Yoga practitioners use the breath as an outlet to discharge negativity and to absorb positive energy. Working in the physical yoga postures discharge stress in your muscles, even without your awareness.

When your mind gets stressed, you reactively contract muscles.

Often, you get backaches, headaches and various kinds of body pains simply because you don’t have a way to release the tightness in your system. Practice yoga with an open mind and look for your areas of pressure or stress. If you find them, slowly and mindfully release them. Your yoga practice can help lead you to a full mind and body release.

Look inside, as well as what you’re holding onto.

As you get stronger, you build confidence in yourself. If you know how your body responds to stress, you’ll be more likely to anticipate it and decide not to react the same way. You’re in control of your response. You may think you cannot help but react when things get hard; with yoga, however, you can manage how you perceive tense conditions or triggers and decide not to respond.

Stressful reactions cause more harm than good to your body.

The more stress you carry, the more negative reactions you have, and it becomes a cycle of stress and harmful, negative reactions. It won’t get better until you stop the cycle. Take time for yourself even if it is just 20 minutes a day. You’ll feel lighter, more clear-minded, and ready to take on another day.

Now that you know how to let go of stress by training your brain and how to rewire your brain for success, make yoga a part of your daily routine. This will help you make better decisions and live more fully.

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