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Monday's Child is born with Grace

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Monday is named after the Moon, the Day of the Moon (Moon Day). Artemis/Diana is your Patroness Goddess. The Lunar Forces bless the Child born on Monday with tremendous psychic abilities and the gift to understand others. Most Monday, children are very sensitive, although they can get easily angry as they feel frustrated with the emotions of others. So Monday as your Day of Birth means that Empathy is one of their abilities. Just as the Moon creates changes and currents on Earth, a child of the Moon is highly prone to changes of moods.

Usually, they are gentle and soft-spoken as the light of the Moon sweetens them from the inside. They say that most Monday Children suffer from insomnia as the Moon always watches them at night and can’t easily let Her children fall asleep. Digestive problems might make them suffer, but those people are very powerful indeed as they are empowered by their emotions. Monday Children have a natural ability for glamour and beauty. Water is the key to unlock their powers as the ancient magic teaches us the Moon rules over all waters.

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