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New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Taurus 10.5 degrees on April 30th, 2022

New moons start new projects. Taurus brings the good things in life. This solar eclipse is not about fear; trust yourself and use your intuition. Taurus/ Venus dreams can come true, with the new moon bringing love and adventures. We will feel the solar eclipse a few days before and up to six months after. This new moon is different from the monthly new moon.

Energies, Jupiter, and Neptune, south node in Scorpio. Pluto in Capricorn, pressure, power control, and structure. Pluto is going retrograde. Hidden things unearth, death and endings. As above so below, when you are looking at the outside. Take a look at what you are doing. North and south nodes, being aware.

Upcoming Lunar eclipse, check out where the houses fall in your chart. It would be better for the people when Saturn leaves Aquarius. Saturn has been in Aquarius " Grandpa's learning to use the smartphone." Jupiter and Neptune influence us, where we are headed. Challenges from the old leaders, power control, and new technologies. In order to manifest, you take the steps as in a chess game and make the move.

North Node is the future designer; we are the creator. If you want a place of peace and harmony individually, we have to do our part. It is good to join a community or find your tribe to grow and protect our planet.

The best time to set intentions is from 4:29 pm on May 2nd to 4:28 pm on May 4th Eastern time. Happy Manifesting!!!

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