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New Moon in Aries on April 1st, 2022

We have several astrological events happening with this firey Aries new moon. Mars in Aquarius aligns with Saturn and Venus (Mars, the god of war) increases military action. Venus represents love (Taurus) our earthly needs. Pluto in Capricorn trines the North Node in Taurus. Jupiter-Neptune alignment in Pisces trines the South Node in Scorpio.

Increase in every area as we all have seen with food, building supplies, and gas prices. With the confusion, lies, and misinformation, we can overreact and make mistakes.

Jupiter brings tremendous results; we must decide if we want to live in big fears or immense love and harmony. We have the power to make positive changes that will benefit everyone on this planet. Have a daily mantra of gratitude and love in your thoughts.

You have two dates to set intentions this month. Our birthdays are always a great time to set intentions. Be sure to check when the moon is void; do not set intention when it is void.

The best times to set your new moon intentions are between 2:25 am on April 1st and 9:52 am on April 2nd. Then again, from 12:51pm to 2:25am on April 3rd. All times are New York Eastern time. Happy Manifestation!!

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