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New Moon in Aries on March 21st, 2023

Happy New Year, the true astrological New Year is on March 20th. Astrology follows the lunar calendar, not the 365-day Gregorian calendar we all use. The ruling planet of Aries is the fiery red planet, Mars. Mars can light the fire that brings out our passion and anger. This lunation is jam-packed with potent energy, spring equinox several planets in Aries. Aries conjunct Neptune, we have transits. squares, and aspects. Check your chart to see where they are. We will see a significant shift in politics and finances worldwide. Many people are having sleep issues.

Aries, with their high energy, passion, and drive, we all know people like this. They make great leaders, ready to take action. Aries make amazing friends; they are loyal and faithful. But struggle to control their temper. Fun fact: Mars has two moons, and it takes 687 earth days to orbit the sun; the days are called sols. Channel your energy and take action after careful thinking. Meditation helps us focus on our goals. Keep a gratitude journal and spend time in nature. This is the perfect time to start your seeds for the garden or plants in containers. Plant seeds of transformation that will benefit the next generation. With Venus’s conjunction, we have the green light to proceed with loving care.

The best and most potent time to set new moon intention is between 1:23 pm on March 21st, 2023, and 1:14 pm on March 23rd,2023. All times are Eastern time. Happy Manifesting.!!

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