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New Moon in Capricorn on Jan 13th, 2021

New Moon 23º of Capricorn on Jan 13th, 2021 at 12 am EST.

See where Capricorn falls in your chart; Capricorn is about restrictions, law, order, power, and control. Too much going on above with the planets and in the world. New Moon is always a time to go within, search your mature wants, set aside the ego.

Stay on the path, think about what is best for humanity. We have upcoming events on 1/19 & 20 2021. Don’t let fear or anger force you to do something you will regret.

The Best time to set intentions is from 11:44 am on Jan 13th until 4:27 am on Jan 14th, 2021. Times New York/ EST. All the best Happy Manifesting !!!

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