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New Moon in Gemini on May 30th, 2022.

Mercury retrograde ends around June 3rd. Time to write(communicate) your intentions with the universe.

Gemini with mercury translates into a lot of talk and mixed messages. Contemplate your action about being part of the social crowd and decide if the cause resonates with you.

These are some highlights; connect with your favorite Astrologer to determine where these planets fall in your chart.

Keep in mind that eclipses stay with us for six months. The triple conjunction exposes us to out-of-this-world information. Mars is in Aries for a few weeks. Uranus is about our future; we will continue to see new inventions in science and medicine. About manifesting, there are many ways to manifest. We can focus on manifesting according to our present needs.

Sometimes the result turns out to be different from what we thought we needed. With our intentions, we have to be in balance, mind, body, and soul. Start with small projects; it is amazing how the universe works with us, things fall into place The shift is happening now; meditate to stay connected; the energies are high for those who are ready.

The best times to set your intentions are from 7:31 am on May 30th until 4:11 pm on May 31st, then again from 1:50 am to 7:31 am on June 1st.

All Eastern New York time. Happy Manifesting!!

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