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New Moon in Leo on July 28th, 2022

Make plans to manifest your intentions for the next few months. We have a once-in-a-lifetime triple conjunction with Uranus, Mars, and the North Node. This is powerful and is going to trigger a lot of reactions. The moon travels to each sign which teaches us what we need to learn. Things will heat up for the rest of July and August. What does it mean to us? Jupiter has a positive influence, and Taurus is about the earth and the people's need.

Saturn says always use caution; the negative time can be used to help us grow; we should learn from the experience and move forward instead of fighting it. We are seeing shortages in many areas; try to control your emotions. Mercury in Leo, the moon is moving into Virgo, have us looking into the details. It is time to get involved and get motivated to try those new things. Matias talks about the magnetical north pole of the earth and the galaxy shifting. That means it is moving for us, bringing changes in all areas.

This opens up the ability to communicate with others throughout the universe. Due to the magnetic shift, we are going through, we will experience tremendous advances in medicine, technology, and spirituality. Stand up, be true to yourself, and continue to join together with your tribe. There are oppositions, conjunctions, Trines, and squares. Look at the times where you are located and in your chart to understand how this will affect you.

With Jupiter's positive link to the sun, it will influence us, to find the direction on how to follow your path. Venus will send love. Taurus is about the earth and the needs of the people; take care of your health. Life's best choices come from the heart make it with Leo's heart. Meditate, take time out and use your intuition.

The best times to set your intentions are from 1:56 pm on July 28th. All day on the 29th until 12:28 am on July 30th. All times are Eastern/ New York time. Don't set intention during the moon void which is on July 30th from 12:29 am to 2:11 pm. Happy Manifesting!!!

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