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New Moon in Scorpio on October 27th, 2019

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Scorpio new moon ushers in a powerful new beginning. Mercury stations retrograde on October 31st, not always a bad thing, but check details and be cautious. We have the other planets in the mix with Scorpio's ruler Pluto/Mars. Mars will be visible at the end of the month. (Mars is to blame for our temper/anger) Not a good time for the working class to take a break, we have to work on our skills, save and prepare. Please stop and think about your actions, look out for secrets, and surprises coming to light.Organs/areas influenced by Scorpio Moon sign are the genitals ovaries, prostate, rectum, and pubic bone. This is the best time to meditate ask for blessings for yourself and our planet. The best time to set new Moon intentions are on October 27th between 11:39 pm, all day on the 28th until 1:34 pm on October 29th and again from 5:58 pm to 11:39 pm on October 29th. All times are New York/ Eastern. Happy Manifesting!

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