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Super Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th 2022

Some Highlights

Sagittarius is travel and freedom; look into those travel plans; the full moon is emotions it shines the light on all things that are hidden; Pluto’s energy helps us to be aware.

Mercury is moving direct, information coming at us from all sides, double-checking your messages and actions.

Saturn retrograde, heavy hand of control so many struggles with and have more questions, it is time to revisit the old rules.

Venus is love and social activities; enjoy the summer.

Jupiter in Aries with this, we have that fire in our steps. The feminine power focuses on the children all around the world; they need our guidance and protection. Check your chart to find out more.

We should take the time to, meditate and go within to find the answers. Our world is going through cycles of change; we can connect individually to our purpose and path; we create our tomorrow.

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