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Super pink full Moon in Libra on April 7th 2020

Astrologers have been talking about this conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. Three planets that square Jupiter and Pluto, Saturn, and Aquarius.

The asteroid Pallas Athena also conjunct Jupiter and Pluto; she brings help and insight. We have a few retrogrades to blame for the setbacks.

We had Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in 2008; most of us can remember what happened to our financial system.

The Celestial events will bring changes to many of our lives the way we know it, from Nov 2019 to the end of June then again in Nov 2020. The other conjunction with Saturn/Pluto will bring severe changes to our world. Aquarius represents air. We will be looking at significant changes with air travel. They are talking about control, changes to our laws and connected energy, more humanitarian acts but not before substantial painful lessons.

Lots of lies, fake news, and health fears with doubts about our future, many will fall. We will see more people using their conscious insight to make a difference to our planet. When we look at what these planets represent, Jupiter is the Texas of the planets making things really big. Pluto can make life difficult or shine the light on them. With the events, our world will experience, we will never be the same again. Don’t let fears distract you have faith, truth and balance will prevail.

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