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Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 15/16th 2022

Flower moon also called the blood moon brings many blooms in the month of May. The eclipse full moon is intense with Scorpio, we will see very powerful revelations. World leaders with these planets in their charts will be affected, Jupiter style. Karma has a perfect memory and delivers on time. From darkness to light. (Asatoma sadgamaya) with every positive, we have negatives. As with a flashlight (full moon), we need both negative and negative to see in the light.

Eclipse brings death, rebirth, and transformation; it can be with our plans, lifestyle, and the old programs. Mercury retrograde in Gemini, this is happening now until June. Pay attention to what we say. Don’t use it as an excuse; do recognize it will impact our words and action; kindness works both ways. We are still feeling the solar eclipse going into the lunar eclipse; look at the changes to be made. Jupiter 12 years cycle, Neptune with Pluto, Rahu Keto north and south nodes.


We can learn from the planets as above so below understand and use the energies. Uranus/ Venus/Taurus libration manifesting financial upgrades. Look back at your past plans and make adjustments. Self-accountability, look at things you have put off, it is time to move forward. I have had to deal with my own issues, that I did not want to face.

We are blessed with having access to nature here on planet Earth/Taurus. Take care of her, protect her enjoy all of her blessings. It is our chance to start over, keep love in our hearts with everything we do. Connect with like-minded souls, form groups, grow foods, think community spread joy. Check your chart for the life area it will influence, continue to meditate; trust your instincts.

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