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Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Nov 8th, 2022

Also called a blood moon. Know that our planet is going through a powerful transformation. Worrying or panicking is not a group you want to join. Look at the changes from the past to get an idea of how history repeats itself. Some challenges are sugar-coated messages, confusion, constriction, and false news.

The planets are active, and the energy is intense, with aspects, transits, and placements events are noticeable. The messages have been showing up in many areas. With several planets in water. The moon shines a light on what has been buried; look at who was in control; now it is the time to step down.

Taurus is about we, the people. Uranus and Pluto will bring shocking revelations. Mars is retrograde. Neptune is about mystical energy. Jupiter is also part of the scene. We will be seeing more Aquarius energy in the next few years.

We must join together in small groups and find your vibe in our tribe. The universal way to communicate is telepathy. Love thy neighbors around the world. Focus on the positive changes you want to see. Taurus is about the Earth, the good life, beauty, and finance. You don’t need to follow the crowd, follow your heart.

We have beautiful souls working together to heal the planet. So much has changed for the collective. Human beings are all we need to be a part of the movement of change. Find strength in helping those in need. Be the observer, listen to your heart, and connect with the frequency.

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