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Tuesday’s child is born with Valour.

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Tuesday is the Day of Mars (Tyr’s Day the Norse War god associated with Mars/Ares). The Passion of Mars blesses the Child born on Tuesday with a fiery will and enthusiasm. They act spontaneously and love to ALWAYS take what they want. All Children of Tuesday are warriors either this is easily noticed or not. Their call is to claim their power and become the brave children as Mars, the God of War intends.

So Tuesday as your Day of Birth means that Self-righteousness is one of their characteristics as youngsters, but as they grow up, they realize that more opinions are needed to be expressed. They are prone to accidents, but they are also considered very faithful and mighty.

Tuesday's Child is active, enthusiastic, energetic, courageous, brave, impatient, sometimes too fiery and destructive. Tuesday Children are extremely good to channel enthusiasm and inspiration. The key for their Magical Powers is Enthusiasm!

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