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Kamla has exceptional skills and dedication in the field of holistic health care, mentoring, coaching, and astrology teaching. She has chosen to specialize in working with women who have experienced abuse, offering much-needed emotional support and guidance. Her approach is holistic, ensuring she addresses the comprehensive well-being of her clients - not just their physical health, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

In her mentoring and coaching sessions, Kamla goes above and beyond to create a safe and welcoming environment where her clients can share their experiences without judgment. What sets Kamla apart from others is her deep understanding and passion for astrology. She has the remarkable ability to explain complex astrological concepts in simple terms, making it accessible to her clients.

She demonstrates an exceptional level of compassion, empathy, and professionalism and her clients consistently express their deep gratitude for the profound impact she has had on their lives.

Melissa Hughes, Ph.D

Kamla is not only knowledgeable, she is able to share her expertise
in a way that makes others understand and want to learn more. She is curious and open and takes the time to get to know the people she's working with in order to connect with them authentically and create a meaningful exchange.
I have learned so much from Kamla and highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about themselves.

Angela B.

Kamla completed my Natal report since she was working with me on some issues I was experiencing. I didn’t think much of it but was curious. It perfectly described me so I am a believer now. This helped me to better understand myself. 
She used this as practical knowledge in helping me understand why I was dealing with things or thinking a certain way. It’s amazing how she just lights up when she is using Astrology in her coaching. 
She has also taught me to use EFT and SRT in order to deal with the issues that life throws us. 
Kamla applied her skills patiently in a non-judgmental way to guide me during a time with a lot of changes that were overwhelming me. I am extremely grateful I was referred to her and look forward to her help in becoming the best that I can be. 

"My dog Lady got hurt and could not walk she was in a lot of pain. Kamla massaged her with essential oils, within a few minutes Lady’s pain eased and she was able to walk without the pain she was having. I am very grateful because I never knew what essential oils could do for animals and people. I still rub Lady with the mixture Kamla made whenever lady has any pain, Kamla also helps me with oils for myself".

- Barbara R.
 North Carolina

lc pic.png

"It’s been many years in which I find myself reaching out to Kamla whenever I have pain or discomfort in my body. Recently Kamla used EFT and essential oils to help relieve pain and swelling I had for many months. I love Kamla and all the useful alternative healthcare choices she has given to my family and I. I feel so grateful to have a go-to person I can trust on my side whenever I need help and support".

 - L.C 

janet pic.png

Kamla is warm and approachable, and her helpful insights are a breath of fresh air. The astrological charts she prepared for my daughter were detailed and accurate, and we appreciated her calm, thoughtful approach to our many questions. I highly recommend her services and look forward to learning more from her in the coming months.

Kamla's approach to astrology is not only professional but also deeply compassionate. Her warm and welcoming demeanor immediately put us at ease, creating a space where we felt comfortable discussing our concerns and questions.

The astrological charts Kamla provided for my daughter were nothing short of astounding. The level of detail and accuracy was impressive, shedding light on aspects of her personality and life that we had never considered before. Kamla's ability to interpret the charts and convey their significance in a clear and relatable manner was truly enlightening.

What sets Kamla apart is her patience and willingness to address our numerous questions and curiosities. She approached each query with a thoughtful and insightful response, further deepening our understanding of the astrological insights she shared.

I highly recommend Kamla's astrological services to anyone seeking a better understanding of themselves or their loved ones. Her expertise is a valuable resource for personal growth, self-discovery, and improving relationships. We eagerly anticipate learning more from her in the coming months and are grateful for the positive impact she has already had on our lives.

Thank you, Kamla, for your dedication, expertise, and the welcoming atmosphere you create. You have enriched our lives, and we look forward to continuing this enlightening journey with you.

- Janet B.                   Toronto Canada

A Lifesaver in Managing My Health

I want to express my immense gratitude for the incredible impact that Kamla has had on my health journey. When I was on the verge of seeking specialist help for my blood pressure and stress, Kamla introduced me to the world of essential oils, and it has been a game-changer.

Prior to my introduction to essential oils, I was facing the daunting prospect of managing my blood pressure and stress with medication. It was a worrying and uncertain time. However, Kamla's knowledge and expertise in essential oils opened up a new world of possibilities for me.

Since incorporating essential oils into my daily routine, I have experienced a significant improvement in my health. I've been able to control my stress and blood pressure without the need for medication, which has not only alleviated my physical symptoms but also reduced the emotional burden that often accompanies health issues.

Kamla's guidance in selecting the right essential oils and teaching me how to use them effectively has been invaluable. Her patient and caring approach has empowered me to take control of my well-being, and I couldn't be more thankful.

I am forever grateful to Kamla for introducing me to essential oils, a natural and holistic approach to health that has made a profound difference in my life. Thanks to her, I am now on a healthier and more sustainable path, and I look forward to a future with improved well-being.

Thank you, Kamla, for your expertise, your unwavering support, and for helping me take charge of my health in a natural and empowering way. You've made a remarkable difference in my life, and I am truly grateful.


- Mark K.       North Carolina

A Life-Changing Mentor

My life would not be the same without Kamla as my mentor. She has been an exemplary professional coach. Coach Kam, as I affectionately call her, created a custom food and health plan, and introduced me to the incredible world of essential oils and energy healing. Her unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in helping me stay focused on my goals and achieve remarkable results.

Kamla's approach to coaching is nothing short of transformative. She took the time to understand my unique needs and aspirations, tailoring a food and health plan that was truly customized for me. Her expertise in nutrition and her ability to create a plan that is both effective and enjoyable made all the difference. Thanks to her, I've not only achieved my health and wellness goals but have also developed a newfound appreciation for nourishing my body.

Kamla's introduction to essential oils and energy healing was a revelation. She skillfully taught me how to harness the power of these natural tools for improved well-being.


I have been amazed at the positive impact they've had on my life, from reducing stress to enhancing my overall vitality. The proof of Kamla's guidance came when I received my health report from my doctors. They were astonished by the excellent results and said, "We have never seen such an excellent report." Kamla's coaching has not only transformed my well-being but has also left a lasting impression on medical professionals.

I can't recommend Kamla enough. Her dedication, expertise, and holistic approach to health and wellness are truly remarkable. She has been a guiding light in my life, and I am deeply grateful for her support and mentorship.

If you're looking to make positive changes in your life, I highly recommend Kamla. She has the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you achieve your goals and transform your well-being.

Thank you, Kamla, for making such a profound impact on my life.

- AJ James

I do not believe in Astrology, but I agreed to a sample astrology report from Kamla. I must admit she was "spot on."

I've always been a bit skeptical about astrology and its ability to provide meaningful insights. However, my curiosity got the best of me, and I agreed to receive a sample astrology report from Kamla.

To my astonishment, the report she provided was nothing short of remarkable. Kamla's accuracy in describing aspects of my personality and life was truly impressive. She managed to pinpoint characteristics and experiences that were incredibly accurate, and it left me genuinely surprised.

Kamla's ability to provide such a precise assessment, even when I was initially doubtful, has certainly opened my mind to the possibilities of astrology. Her sample report was an eye-opening experience, and I can't deny the value of her insights.

I may not be a complete convert to astrology, but I am now much more open to exploring its potential. Kamla's talent and skill in this field have certainly left an indelible impression on me, and I'm grateful for the new perspective she's offered.

Thank you, Kamla, for challenging my skepticism and demonstrating the power of astrology.

- Susan D.          Thailand

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